Last weekend I had my Erotic Workshop with the model Natalia from Birmingham. 


The first light was open legs with two big umbrellas, one in with and one in silver, to get a bit harder light and a mirror, to get a playful look at my self feeling. we also worked with short depth of field. 



The second light was in a window. I used one soft box, bounced upp in the seeling to get a soft and beautiful natural light.



The third light was close ups and we used a dildo of glas. I used one soft  box bounced in the roof and one soft box bounced in the wall, to get a soft light. Then I used two snok with black ND filter only one the dildo, because glas gets cool effects with hard light. We also shooted in monochrome to get more artistic photos.

DSC1459webb 1


The fourth light, I used three soft boxes to get a lot of light, one of the soft boxes, the front of the model, was without all scales, because I like to got a bit harder light in the models face.  



My next Erotic Workshop is with Freja from England. 

Don`t miss it 🙂

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