Workshop with Benny Rytter


Lifetime Memories

I was in Denmark in the beginning of July on a workshop with Benny Rytter:)

So, what can I say about Benny and my trip 🙂

I had 4 fantastic days in Denmark with Benny. Benny and his beautiful wife hosted me at their beautiful and big home with their lovely dog and cats and they all made me feel at home and relaxed. A huge thanks to Benny and his wife for inviting me into their welcoming home 🙂

Benny organised also a few shoots with other photographers which took place at his studios and on locations. All the photographers I worked with where polite, professional, creative and I had a really great time Smile

Benny is also a brilliant photographer and I loved to work with him and I’m very happy that I had the pleasure of working with him 🙂 Before shooting Benny presented me for all ideas that he had planned before my arrival. I never felt pushed into something I didn’t want. The shoot went very well and we shared ideas and laugh a lot 🙂

Other from being the perfect photographer, he was also the perfect host. He helped during my shoot with the other photographer, helped with the light and so. I believe that Benny host great workshops too, so if you got the opportunity of working at one of his workshops, you should definitely do it.

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I will give my full recommendation of working with Benny and at his workshops to both photographers and models and I can’t wait to go back there again 🙂

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