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I teach in lighting Workshops both privately & in groups in Art Nude, Lingerie & Fashion.

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At my workshops I give tips and ideas on different lighting, soft, medium hard and hard light with a little finesse 🙂

I also give tips and ideas on how to create a good picture, with hands, feelings, pruning and the right perspective.

I also give out a compendium for the photoraphers with the lighting.

At my Art Nude workshops at locations and in public, I almost always use natural light, but sometimes even studio flashes.

The focus is on being able to create awesome Nude pictures out among people 🙂


Upcoming Workshops

16/10 Fashion Studio Workshop with the new and young model Nicole.

 25/11 Studio Nude Workshop with the model Faith Starr from France.

7/10 Workshop at Mälsåker Castle with three models, Faith Chu, Michelle Lehult and Nicole Wallin.


19/6 – Art Nude photography studio workshop with the model Faith Chu, Fully booked..

10/7 – Lingerie and Art Nude photography studio workshop with the model Faith Chu, fully booked.

20/8 – Art Nude photography on location workshop with Faith Chu and me as models, in the Subway, The Old City, Kungsträdgården and in Hagaparken. Fully booked.

21-21/8 – Art Nude photography workshop in Mariefred. Fully booked.

25/8 – Art Nude photography workshop with Denisa Strakova. At 19.00-21.00 in Stockholm. Fully booked.

9-10/9 Fashion and Art Nude Workshop in Värmland. Food and accommodation are included in the price. The locations are, Karlstad square, Karlstad centralstation, a beach, Slaktbod, a old flottmuseeum and Bråte Herrgård. Fully booked.


For more information or booking, Don´t hesitate to contact me at my mail:



Upcoming Workshops


Fashion Studio Workshop with Nicole

In this Workshop Im going to show 4 different light, which fits for a Fashion shoot.

Im going to show 1 soft light and 3 hard lights.

Im going to use only a white background.

When: 16/10 at 18.00-21.00

Where: Stockholm, Fruängen

For more information and booking, just send me an email to:

Art Nude Workshop With Faith Starr from France

At this workshop, I will only show lights with only one rectangle soft box, both soft, medium hard and hard light together with accessories and against a white background.

All photographers get a compendium 

Fore more information and booking, please send me an email to:



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