Last weekend I had my Erotic Workshop with the model Natalia from Birmingham. 

The first light was open legs with two big umbrellas, one in with and one in silver, to get a bit harder light and a mirror, to get a playful look at my self feeling. 


The second light was in a window. I used one soft box, bounced upp in the seeling to get a soft and beautiful natural light.


The third light was close ups and we used a dildo of glas. I used one soft  box bounced in the roof and one soft box bounced in the wall, to get a soft light. Then I used two snok only one the dildo, because glas gets cool effects with hard light. 

DSC1459webb 1

The fourth light, I used three soft boxes to get a lot of light, one of the soft boxes, the front of the model, was without all scales, because I like to got a bit harder light in the models face.  


Next Erotic Workshop

(just one place left)

image001 4

Erotic and soft Bondage Workshop

Mandy is coming to Sweden, to my Erotic and Soft Bondage Workshop

When: 27/1 at 10.00-14.00

Where: Stockholm, Östermalm

This workshop is focused on erotic and soft bondage with open legs, fingers and dildos.

Don’t miss it 

For booking, price and more information, please send me an email to: